Welcome to the Official Website of Casey Wyatt


Age: 32
Marital Status: Married to Bobbie Lee
Children: Son Jacob born in 2010
Experience:  24 years 

Casey Wyatt comes from a thick history of racing. His grandfather, Jim "Pop" Wyatt raced at Langley Speedway and on the sandy beaches of the "Old" Daytona racetrack.

His father, Wayne Wyatt has raced in countless divisions, at many racetracks and
owned / operated two NASCAR sanctioned shortracks in Virginia.  While in tenure at Langley Speedway in Hampton VA, Wayne Wyatt pioneered the million dollar face lift of the historic speedway before selling it in 2004 to pursue other business ventures to include Casey's racing career. 

It is only fitting that the younger generation of the Wyatt family carry on the lifelong tradition of racing with the hopes of carrying the tradition into his career. Follow him on his journey & we hope you enjoy the website. 
Casey Wyatt & Wyatt Motorsports